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BI Project Rationalization

Today Organizations have more business intelligence tools deployed which is required to meet niche needs in maintaining multiple BI projects. The key risks of maintaining multiple BI systems is that inconsistent information and lengthy delays happening in decisions, cost involved in creating BI applications,  inconsistent implementation of business metrics, rules and transformations .

eattributes BI Rationalization services help companies bring their vast volumes of data under control . our services enables companies to increase organization effectiveness, streamline operations and reduce IT expenditure and gives a  approach for addressing low value or (zero value) data within a business. Our service also eliminates underperforming, incompatible data, non- core functions as well with an action plan which facilitates the company. By undertaking a BI Rationalization project, companies can also expect to realize immediate cost reduction opportunities in various areas in maintenance, infrastructure and resources.

Our services enhances IT flexibility and benefits the end user with data portfolios. Our industry-proven migration plan ensures that no critical business function is negatively impacted during the conversion process. Our solution is all about capitalizing on an organization’s information assets. By reducing the need for multiple BI platforms and tools, the organization becomes more streamlined and agile from a Business Intelligence perspective.  BI rationalization solutions enable companies to meet enterprise intelligence needs.

BI Tool Rationalization Strategy

We help your organization to make sense of multiple-tool infrastructure, and deliver an actionable strategy with

  • Costs and ROI of multiple BI tools  and Assess current licensing  in an enterprise

  • Analyzing the functionality across BI tools used in projects

  • Determine which right tool is right for each project

  • Deliver Tool Rationalization Document, Assessment Matrix and Briefing

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